Customize Your Fart

Alrighty, this is where you get to help us out! We need you to customize your Fart 'n A Jar for your friend.

The Sound

Green fart cloud

Red fart cloud

Yellow fart cloud

Dupe yellow fart cloud

Explosive Burrito

Booty Burner


Your own flavor

This nasty bugger is potent! Let's just say your eardrums are gonna have a handful. You can't spell "fart" without "art" and this noise is truly a work of art.

While not as heavily potent as the Explosive Burrito, this is still a very gnarly gas. Booty Burner is more of your traditional squealer.

You know those times when you can feel one creepin' up & you do your best to hold it in? Well this is one of those times when you don't hold it in.

Everybody likes their own flavor. Give 'em a taste of what you're made of.

The Envelope

envelope image

You simply need to write who your Fart 'n A Jar is to and who it is from. If you have nicknames or pet names, feel free to use those!

The Note

note image

Now this is where you get to write a personalized note. Write as much (or as little) as you like ... as long as it's under 250 characters! Your note is then placed inside the jar, leaving your friend no choice but to open your Fart 'n A Jar and get a big ol' ear full of toot!

Where To Send It

Where to send your FIAJ

Now you have a couple of different options. You can send your Fart 'n A Jar by as many of these channels as you like: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Email

The Fart 'n A Jar

platter image

Go ahead, marvel at it. Your beautiful, finished Fart 'n A Jar is ready to be sent off to spread both joy and potent sounds. Well done!