The (Slighty Fictional) Process

You're probably wondering how we make the magical process of fart delivery possible. So we've decided to show you how our Fart Fairies get you the best gas imaginable.

Step 1: Capturing the Fart

Fairies catching the fart

Our Fart Fairies are extremely stealthy which is one trait that makes them so good at their job. As soon as you place your order, a highly qualified team of Fart Fairies is sent out to capture one of your very own toots. Don't worry, there is no pressure on you during this process. Our Fart Fairies will collect one of your farts without you even noticing.

Step 2: Return to the Fart Factory

Fairies returning to the fart factory

After collecting a ripe fart, our Fart Fairies embark on the long journey back to the Fart Factory. Despite the odds, a Fart 'n A Jar has never been lost or broken on its transit back to the Fart Factory.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Fairies polishing and feeding the FIAJ

While at the Fart Factory, your Fart 'n A Jar is treated like royalty. We polish, massage, fan and polish some more. The FDA stays out of our way because they know we take Fart 'n A Jar upkeep ridiculously serious.

Step 4: Delivery

Fairies delivering the FIAJ

Alas! Your Fart 'n A Jar is ready! It will now be delivered to the recipient of your choice as a delightful, joyous, loud surprise!