When To Send A FIAJ

There are many occassions that warrant the sending of a Fart 'n A Jar. While we're sure we've missed some, here are a couple of the ones that we thought of.


Anniversary dinner

Believe it or not, flowers can get a little old ... What better way to commemorate another wonderful year than with a tasty toot?!



Duh. Need we say more?

Just To Say Hi

Just saying hi

It can be really tough keeping up with old friends but that doesn't mean you should just give up and forget them! Friendships are really powerful and one of the greatest gifts on this planet (second only to a Fart 'n A Jar). So here's the perfect chance to say hi to that old high school buddy, college classmate or coworker.

Get Well Soon

Get well soon

Applicable from bedridden at home to a stay at the hospital. Especially at the hospital. While hospitals are wonderful at helping us feel better, they tend to be very, very boring places. Please send those ill friends and loved ones a little something. The smile and laughter you give them will go a long way.

Oops, I forgot

oops, i forgot

It happens to the best of us, we simply forgot about that anniversary or birthday or any event really! We were supposed to get some kind of gift but it slipped our minds ... oops. We've got your solution right here. Fast, funny, thoughtful.



Awwwww that magical day has finally arrived! Maybe they've already got their registry all set up which is fine and dandy but dare we say that a Fart 'n A Jar would be the perfect cherry on top? A priceless (...well not completely priceless) way to kick off the rest of their lives?



Boarding school, college, bachelor(ette) pad. There are two types of people: those who say they farted with their roommate and those who lie about it. In other words, we've all farted near or on those current or old roommates! Now you have something that you can send their way to relive those glory days.