A Fart 'n a Jar is a gift/joke/prank you send someone. It's like a digital card except better cuz it's about farts. It's fast, easy, creative, thoughtful and cheap. Play the video below to see a Fart 'n A Jar in action!

Creating the story

Mini map of Fart Fairy travelling

Whoever you are sending this Fart 'n a Jar to, you get to walk them through the Fart Fairy process. It's like a mini story. So you get to choose the journey your Fart Fairies take.

The Sound

3 fart sound options

It may feel like choosing between children but your choices are The Classic, Booty Burner and Evergas

The Envelope

envelope image

Write who your Fart 'n a Jar is to and who it is from. If you have nicknames or pet names, feel free to use those! You can also make it anonymous.

The Note

note image

This is where you get to write a personalized note. Write as much or as little as you like.

Where To Send It

Where to send your FIAJ

You can text or email your Fart 'n a Jar to anyone you want.

What's next?!

It's time to send a Fart 'n a Jar!

Or maybe you need some help figuring out when to send a Fart 'n a Jar?