When to send a Fart 'n a Jar


Anniversary dinner

Congrats on the new baby, new dog, straight B report card, first game off the bench, new apartment/house, acceptance letter, third place trophy, graduation, retirement or ...



Duh. Need we say more?

Just to say hi

Just saying hi

It can be really tough keeping up with old friends but that doesn't mean you should just give up and forget them! So here's the perfect chance to say hi to that old high school buddy, college classmate, coworker, etc.

Get well soon

Get well soon

Applicable from bedridden at home to a stay at the hospital. Please send those ill friends and loved ones a little something. The smile and laughter you give them will go a long way.


Anniversary dinner

Believe it or not, flowers can get a little old. What better way to commemorate another wonderful year than with a tasty toot?!

Oops, I forgot

oops, i forgot

It happens to the best of us, we simply forgot about that anniversary or birthday or any event really! We've got your solution right here. You're welcome :)

Wedding gift

wedding gift

Help them seal the deal by breaking the seal on a Fart 'n a Jar. Or maybe as a gift to thank your groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Thank your roommate

wedding gift

Brush away all that bottled up living tension with a good ol' Fart 'n a Jar. There is no bottled up tension you say? Then thank them for being such great people to live with!

What now?!

I've been inspired, let's make a Fart 'n a Jar!